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When you work virtually from home, you often need to get creative when it comes to impressing clients.

While the perception is changing, there can still be a stigma attached to working from home that makes someone think you may be answering video calls in your t-shirt and sweatpants or not be available in the same way you would be if you worked in a physical office.

It can get especially awkward if a client wants to meet in person. Inviting them to your home is less than professional and can also invade your personal space more than you like. Meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant can also be less than ideal.

But there are some companies that are run completely virtually, and clients have no idea that the business doesn’t have a physical office space. This is because those companies know how to impress clients and create just as professional a working relationship.

They use smart strategies like employing the use of daily office space or hourly meeting room rental when they need it, along with using technology and just good personal habits that project a professional climate around them and their business.

Tips For Using Daily Office Space When Working Remotely

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your business has to appear any less professional to a potential client than if you had your own dedicated office building.

Knowing the strategies to use can help you impress clients and get more business, no matter where you work.

Use a VoIP Phone System

Even if you have just one or two employees, using a VoIP phone system with enterprise-class features makes a big difference in how your business is perceived by a client.

38% of what forms a first impression is what we hear, and this often means the experience a client gets when they call your business for the first time.

Instead of hearing “Hello,” which you might answer from your cell phone, with VoIP they can get a company greeting, the ability to use a dial-by-name directory, hold music, and basically… a professional experience that makes them think favorably of your business.

Use a Professional Meeting Space

In-person meetings are particularly tricky when you’re working virtually, but if you know where to go for daily office space rental it can work in your favor.

By renting a day office by the hour or entire day, you pay only a small amount that can mean a big difference in winning a client contract.

Using a day office rental space means you can have a client meet you in a professional office environment that has impressive amenities like a reception desk that greets visitors and an on-site café (both of which we offer at Tysons Office Suites).

Really impress your client by directing them to your office, then while they’re getting settled, ask if they’d like something to drink. You can just pop over to the café to start your meeting off on a welcome note.

Act “As If” When Interacting with Clients

If you’re freelancing or running your business virtually, one of the great benefits is setting your own hours and wearing what you want. But if you’re interacting with clients, it’s best to act “as if,” which means as if you were working for a company in an office.

A client would expect you to be available during normal working hours, answer emails and calls promptly during those times, and be dressed professionally for any meetings (virtual or in person).

You can still enjoy the flexibility of working virtually while still impressing clients with a professional interaction by:

  • Keeping regular business hours (or letting a client know if you’re going to be out for the day)
  • Dressing professionally for meetings
  • Being prompt for prescheduled calls or meetings
  • Creating a meeting agenda in advance of formal meetings

Dress Up Your Daily Office Space Rental

If you’ve scheduled hourly meeting room rental to impress a client, go a step farther and take a few things with you to personalize the space and facilitate your meeting.

While our offices at Tysons Office Suites are all ready to go, you can add extra touches by bringing a few items with you for your meeting.

Some of the additional on-hand items that can impress a client are:

  • A whiteboard or easel for brainstorming ideas
  • A framed article about your company to set on the desk
  • Product samples
  • Framed certificates you’ve earned
  • Personal items to warm up the space (small plant, sports team coffee mug, etc.)

Impress Clients by Meeting Them at Tysons Office Suites

Tysons Office Suites is located in a vibrant area, right next to Tysons Galleria, giving you the perfect place to meet with clients when you need to. Rent a day office for an hour or a day, whatever you need!

Contact us today to learn more about our hourly meeting room rental. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

Written by : Tazeen Ahmad

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