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A day office rental is a professional office that’s inside an office building that you can rent out by the hour or day. It offers a private place to meet with someone that includes a everything you’d expect to find in any office – desk, office chair, guest chairs, and most importantly of all, some privacy.

While there are many cost-saving advantages to running your business virtually from home, there are some limitations as well.

For instance, that last minute call from a client asking to stop by for a meeting because they happen to be in town. Do you go to a Starbucks? Ask them to meet for lunch even though they want to meet around 3PM?

Options can be awkward because you don’t want to have someone come to your home where your “real” office is, and public options aren’t great for a professional in person meeting.

There are times when video conferencing just isn’t going to work, and you need to meet someone face-to-face. It could be to interview a job candidate or to meet with an international client who’s in town for the day.

You do have better options than a coffee shop or restaurant. You can take advantage of a day office rental.

Benefits of Using a Day Office Rental

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that people think about business and how it’s run, or more accurately, where it’s run from.

Prior to the pandemic, employers were nearly evenly split when asked how many employees work remotely one or more days per week. 36% said between 0-29% and 39% said between 60-100%.

But after the pandemic, those numbers changed dramatically to just 11% of employers saying between 0-29% of employees would work remotely and 55% saying it would be 60-100%.

With the move away from a physical office, companies can significantly reduce overhead and stay prepared for another potential pandemic or similar event in the future.

However, this does leave the difficulty with meeting in person when needed, which is why day offices have become a popular supplement to running a company virtually.

Day office rental adds the missing piece, which is a separate office to use when you need to. They have many benefits for those running their business from home.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Do you need an office for two hours for an important meeting? Need one to use for the week for a large project you’re working on? You have options to rent a day office however long you need one, so you’re only paying for the time you require.

This keeps costs low while giving you the flexibility to have a professional office space when needed.

Meet in a Professional Atmosphere

When you’re meeting a client or a potential employee, you want to project a certain amount of professionalism that a Starbucks just doesn’t have. Using a day office rental allows you to meet in a professional office building that has executive-level amenities on-site.

For example, at Tysons Office Suites visitors are greeted warmly when they arrive. There is also an on-site café where you and your guest can grab a coffee before going into your meeting.

A Day Office Rental Provides Some Quiet Time

While working from home can be incredibly convenient, it can also be challenging when things are going on that distract you from your work, such as relatives visiting over the holidays.

Sometimes you just need some quiet time to work without distractions, and a day office rental can offer that to you for as long as you need it.

Ready to Go, Just Bring Yourself & Your Laptop

Day offices are fully furnished and are ready to go. They have high-speed internet and have a phone line available. All you need to do is arrive and bring your laptop or whatever else you need.

If you want to give your office a personal touch, you can even bring a few photos to place on your desk.

Can Have the Same Address as Your Business

If you’re trying to project a professional image and not advertise the fact that your business is run completely virtually, it can be a benefit to have an office address that matches the place you have out of town visitors come to meet with you.

Tysons Office Suites offers virtual address services, which means you can have your official business address be the same as the address you give visitors to meet with you. This removes any confusion with mismatching addresses.

Ready at the Last Minute

You’re on the phone with a client and they want to meet in a few hours out of the blue. There’s a long pause on your end of the line because you’re wondering how you’re going to meet with them due to working from home.

When you use our day office rental services, you never have to wonder. We have offices ready to go at all times, so you can call at the last minute to schedule an office. No long pause and no missed opportunities.

Day Offices Here When You Need Them

For a quiet working space or an important meeting, day offices can be there right when you need them to supplement your virtual business.

Contact us today to schedule your private office for however long you need it. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

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