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There have been a lot of changes to the way we conduct business this year. But the virtual meeting by video is starting to wear on people and they crave that in-person interaction that you can’t get from a video call.

Many companies have gone virtual and are now trying to work their way back to a hybrid model, where they can still meet in person safely when needed. Flexible meeting space has been important because it allows businesses to affordably rent offices or conference rooms by the day or hour.

Approximately 42% of the U.S. workforce are working from home full-time. 

If you want to use meeting room rental to have a team meeting with employees or meet with clients, how can you do it safely with the pandemic still hanging around? 

It is possible to create a safe space when you use day office rental for an in-person meeting, where everyone can interact and feel secure while meeting.

Tips for Creating a Safe Flexible Meeting Space 

It only takes a little planning and a layered approach to turn meeting space that you can rent by the hour or day into a COVID-safe spot. Here are some tips to plan safe, in-person meetings. 

Sanitize all Surfaces & Re-Sanitize Between Meetings

One of the first things you want to do is sanitize any touch surfaces, desktops, tables, backs of chairs, etc. with an EPA approved disinfectant for COVID-19 (you can find a list here.)

It’s important to following the instructions completely. Some will ask you to allow the disinfectant to remain on a surface for a certain number of seconds before wiping or touching the surface.

If you have a day office rental and are planning to meet with more than one person during the day, you’ll want to re-sanitize any touch surfaces between those meetings. 

Use Masks

The use of masks is a critical way to reduce the risk of being infected with COVID-19 or infecting others. When sending out meeting invitations, it’s a good idea to include a note that masks are mandatory for everyone’s safety. 

You’ll also want to bring some disposable masks with you that you can hand out in case anyone has forgotten theirs. This keeps everyone safer and is an important layer of pandemic protection.

Keep Chairs Distanced at Least 6’ Apart

Whether you’re renting a day office or using conference meeting room rental, it’s important to observe social distancing, which means keeping everyone at least 6’ apart. 

Arrive to your flexible meeting space ahead of time and bring with you:

  • Painter’s Tape (easy to pull off a surface)
  • Measuring Tape

Measure out 6 feet of distance between chairs and mark the placement spots in case chairs may be moved. 

Do a COVID Screening 

If you’re having a larger meeting with several people in a conference room, another way that you can make participants feel safe is to do a COVID screening before they enter the meeting space.

This is as simple as taking their temperature with a contactless thermometer and asking screening questions. This is the same procedure used at many doctor’s offices and other facilities.

Adding this additional layer of safety will give meeting participants another level of security when they come to your in-person meeting.

Bring Hand Sanitizer for Everyone & Encourage Hand Washing 

Be sure to let people know where the restroom is and where they can wash their hands with soap and water. Regular hand washing has been proven to reduce the spread of viruses.

While in the meeting, it’s also smart to have small bottles of hand sanitizer for each person. This gives them an easy way to clean their hands on the spot and when not near soap or water.

Make Sure Everyone Has Their Own Pen, Presentation, etc.

You don’t want to be passing around pens, paper, or presentations when hosting an in-person meeting. You can reduce the risk of any type of contact by making sure you bring each person their own pen, presentation, handout, etc.

Prepare for your meeting with the goal that no one should have to share anything with someone else and set up your flexible office space with one of each for any needed meeting items.

Send Out Safe Meeting Guidelines Ahead of Time

When you’re sending out meeting details to participants, include all the steps you’re taking to make the in-person meeting as safe as possible. This will both help the participants feel less anxious and also make them aware of the guidelines (wearing masks, etc.) so they’ll know what to expect and act accordingly.

Create Your Save Meeting Space at Tysons Office Suites  

Tysons Office Suites has safe, flexible meeting space that you can use for one-on-one meetings or multi-person meetings. 

Contact us today to schedule your next in-person meeting. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

Written by : Tazeen Ahmad

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