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When renting office space for your business, there are many different costs that factor into the overall out of pocket. One of these are the furnishings you need to buy for an empty office space.

By the time you add in desks, cabinets, bookshelves, and chairs, you can be looking at a much higher price tag than you initially envisioned, especially if you have a young business that only needs a smaller office space.

This additional cost is what leads many startups and growing businesses to look for furnished office space for lease. By taking the cost burden of the larger pieces of furniture away, a company can just focus on the accent pieces to give them the feel they want.

Both daily office space and private office space can be rented fully furnished from Tysons Office Suites, and you have the flexibility of adding your own personality and accent pieces that make the office your own.

Empty Office Space Furnishing Tips

Below, we’ll go through tips on furnishing your leased office space, both for completely empty offices and those that have the basic furniture already in place.

Invest in a Good Desk

If you’re furnishing an empty office space, then the piece of furniture you use the most is going to be your desk. You want to make sure you invest in a desk that you’ find comfortable and is the right height for your needs. Some people prefer a low desk, while others like them higher. Test out your preferences first and combine comfort with style and utility (i.e. hutch with cupboards or a streamlined design?).

Have a Color Theme in Mind

If you just jump into purchasing chairs, tables, and bookshelves for your office without a plan, you can end up with an office that doesn’t look very well put together.

You don’t have to get your own interior designer, unless you want to, but you should lean on the help of the retailer you’re purchasing from to guide you toward a unified color theme and style for your office décor.

Purchase for Productivity Over Style

When choosing desks and chairs for your employees, you want to get their input and have them test out different types. A certain chair may be beautiful, but it might also not roll around the floor well and make your team less productive.

Keep comfort and productivity in mind when choosing your office furniture.

Furnished Office Space Accent Tips

If you’ve found furnished office space for lease, you don’t have to feel like you’ve given up any chance of having the space feel like your own. There are plenty of accents and small furnishing pieces you can add to give your space your own touch and style.

Bring in Some Color

Pops of color can add a completely different feel to a space and set the tone for an atmosphere of creativity, calm, or high energy.

Accent pieces can include desk accessories, small screens, pictures, vases, and other decorative items.

Here is an example of some of the feelings associated with different colors:

  • Orange: Creativity
  • Red: Attention-grabbing
  • Yellow: Positivity
  • Blue: Calm, stability
  • Green: Environmental, fresh
  • Purple: Luxury, spirituality
  • Pink: Sensitive, playful

Add Some Live Plants

Using live plants in furnished office space for lease can completely warm up the space and bring in life. Plants also add a natural color that can blend well with many other color schemes.

Plants are also known to reduce stress and increase productivity when they’re in a workspace. One study by the University of Exeter showed that adding houseplants to a working environment can increase productivity by 15%.

Use Shelves to Add Space Cleanly

When you’re working in a single private office space, you don’t want the area to feel crowded. This means keeping things off the floors and ensuring your desk and a hutch or table surfaces don’t look messy.

But what if you need to have certain supplies handy? You can use your wall space instead!

Shelves can be purchased in many different styles and can be used to hold additional office supplies, art materials, sales brochures and more. This allows you more storage area without having your office look crowded.

Use Your Own Wall Art

One way that you can make a rented daily office space immediately your own is to bring some of your favorite wall art or professional certificates to put up.

You can buy wall strips that allow you to cleanly hang pictures on the wall without using any nails. The type of art you use can also instantly reflect your business personality for those that meet with you.

Get Your Own Private Office Space at Tysons Office Suites

When you rent private office space at Tysons Office Suites, you get 24/7 access to your office, the ability to personalize your space, and multiple amenities (like an on-site fitness center!).

Contact us today to sign up for a private or daily office of your choice. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

Written by : Tazeen Ahmad

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