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Are you considering moving to a completely virtual office? Or maybe you already work from home but need a more professional look for your business.

For either need, using virtual office services can help you lower costs by working from home while still appearing just as professional as if you rented office space.

Sixty-nine percent of startup businesses are run from the homes of the owner and employees. This helps business owners keep costs down and grow their business much faster.

Plus, there are multiple benefits with using remote workers that include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer sick days and time off taken
  • Higher morale

But the problem that may companies run into is the need to give a professional face to their company and have a physical office address to use on their business documents and website. A virtual office with mail handling and virtual receptionist services offers the perfect way to do that.

There are however several misconceptions out there that make companies wonder about the helpfulness of a virtual office.

We’ll bust the biggest myths about a virtual office set up below.

Clearing Up Myths About Using a Virtual Office

Myth #1: Virtual Offices are Expensive

Virtual offices are actually very economical. A value they provide is to give your business a more professional presence. This can help you get business from larger companies who may not feel comfortable working with a company that has a residential address as the corporate location.

You also can choose from different packages paying for only the services you need.

We offer three virtual office packages:

  • Business address with mail handling
  • Business address, mail handling, and phone answering with a live receptionist
  • All of the above, plus limited access to meeting rooms

Myth #2: Virtual Offices Aren’t Professional

Actually, the opposite is true when it comes to a virtual office at Tysons Office Suites. Our office is located in a vibrant area, right next to Tysons Galleria. Anyone looking up your address on Google would see a professional business park full of other businesses.

If you need to schedule a client meeting, the inside is just as professional looking as the outside, with a café and on-site fitness center.

Myth #3: Getting My Mail Will Be Inconvenient

One of the benefits of working from home is being able to eliminate a time-consuming commute. Less time in traffic means you get more time to work on your business.

Some people worry that if they use a virtual office, they’ll have to continually drive to pick up their mail, but that’s not the case at all.

You can either get scans of your mail emailed to you or have us send you your mail whenever you like. You can stay conveniently at home while getting full visibility into your business mail and packages as they’re being received.

Myth #4: Using a Virtual Office Will Make Me Look Bad

If you currently have a physical office and are looking to reduce overhead by moving to a virtual office, you may worry that your company will no longer be perceived the same way.

Actually, small businesses aren’t the only ones using virtual offices. It’s estimated that over the next 3 years, 35% of enterprise companies will be using them to stay flexible and have a presence in an area without needing to make a large investment.

Virtual offices are no longer seen as out of the ordinary and many larger companies are run completely virtually using a virtual office for their business address, mail handling, and receptionist services.

Myth #5: It Won’t Give Me a Place to Meet with People

One thing that can hold a company back from letting go of their office space and moving to a virtual one is that they’re worried they won’t have anywhere to meet with clients or hold training sessions when they need to.

At Tysons Office Suites, we’re set up to give you the flexibility for using the office services you need. This includes the ability to rent large conference rooms or a fully furnished day office for a one-on-one meeting.

These can be rented just for the time you need, so you’re keeping costs low, while still having the ability meet with your client or employees when you need to.

Our building is also convenient to public transportation and right across from Tysons Galleria, making it an easy place for people to find.

Myth #6: It’s Complicated to Sign Up for Virtual Office Services

It’s quite easy to sign up for a virtual business address and any other virtual office services you need. Plans are flexible and designed to support your business and add value to your company.

In less than a day you can be enjoying a brand new professional business address and other virtual office services.

Lower Costs & Keep a Professional Office Address

Tysons Office Suites offers flexible and affordable virtual office services to help you lower costs without giving up a professional appearance for your business.

Contact us today to sign up for a virtual office address: Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.


Written by : Tazeen Ahmad

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