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The COVID-19 pandemic has done more than just change the last several months, it’s going to have a lasting impact on the way people live and work going forward.

74% of businesses plan to keep employees working remotely on a permanent basis after the pandemic, and many businesses will be losing their physical office entirely and working from home.

There are several factors for this shift to a virtual office:

They See a New Way The Post-Pandemic Workplace

The pandemic caused many business to have no option but to make a virtual office environment work. Stay-at-home orders required rethinking how a company could operate and now many business owners see that with the right tools, they can run their business just as efficiently (or more so) using a remote team.

The Need to be Cost Efficient

The pandemic has hit many organizations, large and small, financially. So, they’re looking for ways to both cut costs and continue to grow their business at the same time.

Losing the expensive office space and accompanying utility bills, furniture needs, cleaning needs, etc. can make a significant improvement in their monthly cash flow. Using services like a virtual mailbox and virtual receptionist, mean they still keep important features that come with having a physical address.

They Have to Be Ready for the Future

The pandemic showed the world that the unexpected is just around the corner. At the beginning of 2020, few were ready for an event that would cause most of the world to have to stay at home and completely change the way they live and work for an extended period of time.

The impacts are still being felt now as people are unsure of the safety of returning to “business as usual.”

To be ready for the future, companies are looking to stay agile and flexible. This means not being tied to a physical location for their office that a future pandemic or other unexpected event may cause them to abandon. Working virtually full-time ensures that type of event won’t impact their operations.

How to Make a Switch from a Physical to a Virtual Office Work

To move from a physical to a virtual office successfully, you need to have certain pillars in place that ensure you can operate as effectively and that you’re connected to your team and your customers.

Cloud Collaboration Tools

One of the most important parts of a successful remote team is the ability for them to connect virtually to their work, to your customers, and to their colleagues. Platforms like Microsoft 365 offer multiple cloud collaboration tools that keep everyone on the same page and allow things like:

  • Easy video meetings
  • Real-time messaging
  • Secure, channeled communications
  • Co-authoring
  • Integration of productivity apps

Virtual Mailbox Service

When you don’t have a physical office any longer, you still need a professional address for your business. One of the benefits of a virtual office from Tysons Office Suites is that you have a prestigious office address to use on your website, company forms, mail, and other documents.

If someone were to look up your address, they’d see an office park in a vibrant area right next to Tysons Galleria.

Using a virtual mailbox service means you’re alerted as soon as any incoming mail comes in and you can have it sent to you or pick it up. You have the benefit of having a real physical office address, not just a PO Box. 

Virtual Receptionist

When your team is working remotely instead of all being in a physical office, you may need to handle incoming calls a little differently. Instead of tying yourself or another employee up having to man your phone, a virtual receptionist service gives you a friendly voice to answer your business line for a very affordable price.

With a virtual receptionist, you keep all your calls coming into a single entry point, just like they do when you’re in a physical office, and you receive messages in real-time so you can act on them accordingly.

Ability to Meet When You Need To

One potential drawback when running your business from home is that you may need to meet with clients in person or want to hold an in-person team meeting or training from time-to-time.

Meeting with a client at a Starbucks or restaurant isn’t ideal. For meaningful meetings you need to have a dedicated space without distractions and one where you can use projection equipment if needed.

Using a virtual office plan from Tysons Office Suites that includes limited access to meetings rooms can easily solve this issue. You have the ability to reserve the meeting room size you need and can meet in a dedicated space inside a beautiful professional office building. 

Reduce Your Overhead with a Virtual Office Plan Today!  

Have you been considering switching from a physical to a virtual office for flexibility and to lower costs? Tysons Office Suites offers affordable virtual office services, including virtual mailboxes, virtual receptionist, and conference rooms.

Contact us today to sign up for your new virtual office. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

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