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One perk of renting a private office is that you can make the space your own, whereas when you’re just renting an office by the hour or by the day, you can’t really liven it up a lot.

A personal private office layout can make all the difference in feeling like you have a “real” office.

Private office space allows business owners that may not want to pay for a full office space and are not quite wanting to work out of their home the ability to enjoy a mix of both worlds.

They get to work in a professional environment, network with other professionals, and have an office where they can receive clients for meetings. They also get a big cost savings over a full office space rental, which can get quite expensive.

Today’s offices are also often virtual. So, a company could have several team members working remotely, but the owner or sales manager still need a professional working environment for interacting with clients.

The number of global permanent remote workers is expected to double in 2021.

Once you have your own private office rental, how can you make the space all your own?

Here are several tips for private office layout to help you create working space that’s personalized for you and your business, and that you enjoy going to every day.

1. Choose a Color Scheme & Feel

Most private office spaces will be like a blank canvas that you can use to turn into your own perfect spot. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the space, you want it to reflect your personality and that of your company.

For example, do you want a more professional and classic office look (dark oaks, rich burgundies)? Or are you looking for something more modern looking (white with pops of bold colors)?

It’s important to know your colors first, so as you add pieces to your private office layout, they’ll all flow well with your overall color scheme and feel.

2. Visitor Chairs or Sofa

An important piece of a layout for a private office rental is how your visitors will be accommodated. You don’t want to have to find a chair for someone to use at the last minute, but rather have a space that invites conversation.

Consider what you need to accommodate visitors, such as chairs or a sofa. You’ll want to make sure they’re positioned in a way that invites interaction when you’re sitting at your desk or create an area that allows you to all sit together around a small table.

3. Storage Cubicles

Finding a place to store all your “office stuff” can be a challenge if you haven’t taken time to strategize your private office layout. A space can look messy if you have a bunch of files sitting on a credenza or binders stacked up on a chair.

Storage cubicles are versatile, blend nicely with any décor and can give you a lot of storage space that looks neat and tidy.

Look for the type that are in a long row and that can double as counter space for things like a printer.

4. Go For Sleek Furniture Accents

That big stuffed leather chair might look great, but how easy it is going to be to walk around every day in your private office space?

When you’re choosing furniture accents for your private office layout, such as chairs, potted plants, or accent tables, keep the walking space in mind.

Just like great website design has plenty of “white space” so a page doesn’t look to over-crowded or messy, you want the same for your private office. It’s best to go with sleek furniture accents rather than those that are larger or bulky.

5. Add Warm & Style with an Area Rug

A great area rug can personalize your private office layout, add warmth, and give you instant style. It also isn’t going to take up walking space or get in the way.

Be sure you measure the area before shopping for a rug and consider where the legs of desks and furniture fall so you can get the right size the first time.

6. Consider Dual Desks for Shared Offices

Some private offices are shared spaces with more than one person working together. You can give yourself more space and avoid trying to get two desks into a single private office by looking at dual desks. These give you both your own working space in a smaller overall area.

You can find several different styles of desks for two people on Amazon.

Rent a Perfect Private Office Space to Make Your Own  

Tysons Office Suites offers attractive private office space rentals that you can access 24/7 and personalize to make all your own. 

Contact us today to get started. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

Written by : Matt Rodela

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