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While working from home may be the dream for many people, for others it can be a nightmare. Without a private office rental providing dedicated space, work can be much harder when done from home for some people.

There’s no denying that it costs less to run a business from home than to rent an entire physical building space. But, working at home day in and day out just doesn’t work for everyone.

Having a distinct separation between “work life” and “home life” is important for several reasons, and often that line is blurred when work and home are one in the same.

Both work and home life can suffer if working from home isn’t handled well, and the arrangement can be fraught with problems, coming from constant distractions, less than professional meetings, and just the simple lack of a routine.

What does the dark side of working from home look like? Here are several examples.

Continuous Interruptions, Little Work Gets Done

Interruptions during the workday can cost a person as much as 6 hours of productivity a day. The reason is the time it takes to get back to where you were mentally before an interruption.

For example, if a spouse needs you for “just a minute or two.” That 120-second interruption is actually costing you over 25 minutes. 

The reason is that researchers found that it can take an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the same state of concentration you were in before the interruption occurred. So even just a short interruption costs you more than those few seconds.

Interruptions can hit you in multiple forms when you work from home:

  • Children want your attention
  • Your dog barks at a jogger going by 
  • You cat decides your laptop is a great place to sit
  • Your significant other needs your option about something
  • The lawn guy’s loud mower is right outside your window
  • Friends/family haven’t figured out that you’re still at “work” even though you’re home

Those continuous distractions can have a serious impact on your ability to work and your ability to grow your business.

There’s No Structure, So Your Business Suffers

Not everyone can regiment their workday at home like they did at the office. While the flexibility of sleeping in when you want and taking an afternoon to go to the park can be nice, if you’re completely without structure, you can spend more time away from work than working.

Not having that place to go in the morning that’s dedicated to work, can cause some people to lose their way and have a difficult time getting their business off the ground due to lack of any routine or structure to their workday.

Home Life Can Suffer

The flipside of having no structure and playing hooky too often during the day, is never leaving work, because when you’re at home, you’re at work too.

This can mean that families actually see less of each other because mom or dad is “in their office again” working until the wee hours of the morning. 

Not having a distinct separation between work and home space can cause some workaholic personality types to work way more than they should, and their home life suffers.

Your Business Looks Unprofessional to Clients

If you run your own business from home, it can be tricky if a client wants to meet with you in person. Going to the nearest Starbucks as your “office” doesn’t really instill client trust.

If you’re on video conference and pets and children can be seen or heard, it reduces the perception of your professionalism to a client, which could cost you that business. 

Not having a professional place to meet with clients – either in person or via video conference – can have a negative impact on your company’s growth.

There’s No Spot That’s Yours at Home

Not every house or apartment has an area available for a dedicated office space. This leaves some people working from the sofa, from their bed, or from the kitchen table. They have no place to call their office, which can make their workdays feel disconnected without a sense of structure and foundation. 

How a Private Office Rental Can Help

People usually work from home out of a need to keep business costs low. They don’t want to rent an entire building space with offices, and they avoid that by working from home.

But you don’t have to choose between a high rental cost for a physical office and your sanity. A private office space rental can give you the structure and peace you need for a very affordable price.

What do you get with a private office rental from Tysons Office Suites?

  • A place to go each day for work
  • Your own fully furnished office that’s available to you 24/7
  • A professional and quiet working environment
  • A place to meet with clients
  • Structure to your day and the ability to leave work at work and enjoy home
  • Life-enhancing amenities like an on-site café and fitness center
  • Internet and utilities included, no extra costs
  • Easy commuting by metro or on-site parking
  • The opportunity to connect to other business professionals
  • The ability to focus on your business without interruptions

Find Work Nirvana with Your Own Private Office Space!   

Tysons Office Suites has low priced private office rentals that give you the perfect balance of professionalism, price, and peace of mind.

Contact us today to sign up for a private office of your choice. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

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