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While in-person gatherings have gone largely online during the pandemic, companies are now looking for ways to get back to a hybrid COVID-Normal model.

When you’re in the same room, there are fewer distractions for those you’re teaching, and the educational material has a better chance of hitting home. There are also bottom-line benefits to utilizing meeting room rental for training rooms. You gain the space you need to conduct training efficiently and have a space for face-to-face events even if your business is completely virtual. 

This means still keeping a virtual office meeting for some things, but also bringing back in-person meetings when beneficial and more effective. Something that often is much more effective in person is training or teaching events.

There are a number of different reasons to use training rooms, including:

  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • Onboarding training
  • New vendor training
  • Safety training
  • Customer teaching events
  • Sales-focused training

Reasons to Use Training Rooms to Boost Your Business

Here are several reasons to consider meeting room rental for in-person training sessions. 

It’s Important to Train Staff in Person

How does face-to-face training differ from online training?

Learners get a richer interaction between them and their instructor during in-person training because they’re in the same physical space. There is also the benefit of interactions between co-learners. A person can gain insight from hearing someone else’s question to the instructor coming from a point of view they may not have considered. 

There are just certain things you can’t get from online training that makes using meeting room rental for training rooms a smart option for a number of reasons. 

One of the types of staff training that can improve your bottom line is ongoing cybersecurity awareness training. Statistics show that providing consistent employee training for IT security can reduce the risk of suffering a security incident by 40-50%.

Teaching Establishes You as An Authority

You can boost your personal and business reputation by holding training seminars in your industry. It positions you as an authority on a particular topic which can bring in more business.

A customer in need of products or services in your industry is more likely to trust an authority on a subject that knows enough to teach others. Trust is one of the most important factors in a buying decision for a consumer or business.

Training Can Be Used to Sell Other Services

If you have a business that provides help with computer software migrations, conducting a training class on Microsoft products allows you to additionally sell other services, such as data migration or managed security.

It’s easier to close a deal when someone is in the room with you than on a virtual webinar where the person might need to take another step before buying. 

By doing training in-person rather than through a virtual office meeting, you can turn it into an excellent opportunity for same-day sales at the event.

Better Onboarding to Reduce Employee Turnover

If you’re working virtually, employee onboarding runs the risk of not being thorough enough and it may not give a new person the chance to get to know others and soak in the corporate culture.

40% of new employees with poor training, end up leaving within the first 12 months. Turnover is expensive for a company, so it reduces costs if you can retain talent.

Using rented meeting space for training rooms makes for a much more enriching employee onboarding experience where new employees can feel engaged, face-to-face, and feel more a part of your team.

Tips for Conducting In-Person Training Safely During the Pandemic

In this pandemic-impacted time, it’s important to follow smart safety guidelines when conducting in-person training or teaching seminars. Here are some tips to make your training rooms safe.

Hand Out Masks

Wearing masks is proven to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as other viruses. For a safe training, it’s a good idea to require the use of masks and hand them out to participants when they arrive.

Sanitize All Touch Surfaces

Arrive to your meeting room rental early and sanitize all touch surfaces with an EPA approved disinfectant for COVID-19. You’ll want to clean table surfaces, chair backs and arms, pens, doorknobs, etc.

Have Hand Sanitizer On Hand 

You’ll want to have hand sanitizer available for everyone. If you can have one at each seat, that’s ideal.

Spread Chairs Apart 6 Feet or More

Distance chairs at least 6 feet apart and mark the spots with painter’s tape, in case chairs get moved.

Open Windows If Possible

If it’s possible to have a training room with a window, you can open the window to get more fresh air flow through the room. If the room doesn’t have a window, then consider keeping the door(s) open.

Reserve a Conveniently Located Training Room from Tysons Office Suites  

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Written by : Tazeen Ahmad

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