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If you don’t need to have a physical building for retail sales or manufacturing, running your business virtually can have a lot of benefits.

And from a workforce of remote workers, it’s only a short trip to losing a physical office entirely and go to a completely virtual office.

Post-pandemic, more companies than ever have made the move to permanent remote workers. In a survey of small business owners, 57% of them said they are likely to keep remote working options for the long-term.

Benefits include:

  • No monthly commercial building rent or mortgage
  • No office utility expenses (electric, cable, etc.)
  • Better business resiliency in case of a natural disaster or pandemic
  • Ability to hire employees from anywhere
  • No daily commuting

But to successfully run a virtual front office and still have your company seen as a professional organization, there are a few things you need to have in place.

Virtual Address

It’s not a good idea to use your home address as your business address. For one, this can cause your business to look smaller than it actually is when someone uses Google Street View to look up your company and finds a house.

Another problem is that it could mean lack of privacy. For example, a disgruntled customer could show up at your house out of the blue.

You need to give your company a professional street address, which you can do by securing a virtual address through a service like Tysons Office Suites.

The benefit of a physical street address over a P.O. Box is that potential customers can look up your business address and see a professional office park. You also have other services available in addition to being given an address to use for your company.

Virtual Mailbox

Another service that you need to run a successful virtual front office is a virtual mailbox. This is tied to your virtual address and includes mail handling services. This includes the ability to receive packages from any mailing service (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

When you receive mail to your virtual address, you’ve got options for how you’d like to have it handled. You can pick it up or have it mailed to you. You’re also notified when any mail comes in, so you know immediately if an important check arrives.

Virtual Receptionist

When you’re running a virtual front office, you still need to have a friendly voice answering the phone and handling calls for you. A virtual receptionist allows you and your team to focus on your work while they handle all your calls, transferring them or taking messages as you’ve instructed.

A big benefit of a virtual receptionist is that they cost much less than hiring a full-time employee to answer the phone. While saving money, you get the benefit of a live person answering all your business calls and handling them professionally.

This also means that you have a dedicated business phone number you can use, rather than giving out a cell number as your business line.

Place to Rent Meeting Rooms

One drawback of running your company completely virtually is that inevitably there will come times when someone wants to meet in person rather than via Zoom. Plus, you may want to get your team together from time to connect in person.

It’s important to form a relationship with a service provider, like Tysons Office Suites, that offers conference room and day office rental. This gives you options for meeting one-on-one or with a group when you need to.

If you are able to rent meeting room space at the same place you have your virtual address, it’s a win-win, because clients will actually be coming to the same location to meet with you that you list as your office address on your letterhead and website.

Cloud Communication & Productivity Apps for a Virtual Front Office

Cloud tools are what makes it possible for teams to work in different locations, yet connect, collaborate, and share data as if they were in the same office building.

You want to ensure you have the right applications both for communication and productivity. Some companies look for full platform suites that can do multiple things, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Others will locate several different tools and connect them with integration apps like IFTTT.

Some of the key cloud tools you need to have in place for a successful virtual front office are:

  • Office tools suite (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email)
  • Accounting
  • Team messaging & file sharing
  • Project/task management
  • Communication app with video conferencing
  • Get a Virtual Address, Mailbox & Receptionist at Tysons Office Suites

Tysons Office Suites has everything you need to run your virtual front office successfully all in one place. From a street address and mail handling services to onsite meeting room rental, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us today to get started. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

Written by : Matt Rodela

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