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There are more people working from virtual offices these days than ever. With the advent of cloud technology, small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to keep operating costs low by running their company from home.

The growth of home run businesses has only been accelerated due to the recent pandemic stay-at-home orders, as many companies were forced to run businesses virtually, only to find out that it has some very real benefits.

Currently, approximately 50% of all US businesses are home-based.

But having your home and business be one in the same, can cause some problems. Especially when it comes to the address you use on your website, business stationary, and invoices.

That’s why many home-based businesses use a virtual office with virtual mailbox service.

What’s a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a service that comes with having a virtual business address. You pay a small monthly fee for a physical address that you can use for your company address. Your business mail can be sent to that virtual mailbox address and it allows you to handle it in a number of ways.

Here are some of the things you can do with a virtual mailbox service:

  • Get scans of your mail and handle it online
  • Have packages shipped to your virtual business address and pick them up
  • Have packages mailed to you from the location of your virtual business address
  • Use your virtual mailbox as the Sender address on packages and letters

Benefits of Using a Virtual Mailbox for Your Home-Based Business

People See a Professional Building When Looking Up Your Address

When a customer is searching your company address on Google Street View do you really want them to see your house?

It’s nearly impossible for a business not to use any address at all. Even if you don’t use one on your website, customers expect it on your letterhead, invoices, and contracts.

By using a virtual office address with virtual mailbox services, when someone looks up your address, they’ll see a professional office building, making a good impression for your company.

You Can Get FedEx & UPS Packages

Some home-based businesses use a Post Office Box for their office address. But this causes a problem when they need to receive a package or express envelope that’s not sent through the Post Office.

If someone is sending you a FedEx, that means you would have to give out your home address, making them wonder why.

A virtual mailbox can accept all types of mail, just like any other business street address, including mail from FedEx and UPS.

You Can Choose How to Handle Your Mail

You have multiple options when it comes to virtual mailbox services. You can read your mail online as soon as it comes in. You can also pick up your mail and packages anytime from the main office building where your virtual address is located.

If you prefer to have your mail and packages sent to you, you can handle it that way as well and eliminate the need to go out anywhere.

You Add an Important Layer of Security for Your Family

Using your home address to send business mail, might not seem like a big deal at first. But what happens if a customer is unhappy and decides to visit your business in person? They could end up at your home, making things uncomfortable for you and your family.

Using a virtual office plan with mailbox service ensures you keep an important layer of separation between your business and home life and protects your family.

You Know Your Mail is Safe

If you go on vacation or are out of town on business, you don’t have to worry about a check sent express mail from a customer being left outside on your doorstep at home.

With virtual mailbox services, your mail is secured safely inside our facility and you know immediately when it’s arrived and can let us know how you’d like it handled. We can send it to you via whichever mail priority you prefer or keep it safely stored until you come to pick it up.

You Address Can Stay the Same Even If You Move

If you happen to buy a new house across town, you don’t have to go through the process of changing your business address everywhere. If you use a virtual mailbox service, your address remains the same no matter where you live.

This also gives you the freedom to travel without having to worry about your business mail, which you can easily handle online from anywhere.

Improve Your Company Image with a Virtual Mailbox

Tysons Office Suites provides prestigious business addresses that are in the heart of a vibrant area, right next to Tysons Galleria.

Contact us today to sign up for a virtual business address. Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

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