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In a time of COVID-19 and a move to more permanent remote workers, an important focus for companies is how to transition to a virtual office party to keep their team connected and enjoying those moments of bonding that translate into a stronger and happier team.

Running a virtual business has many benefits, including lower overhead, no commutes, and more agility in the face of unexpected events.

But not having your team in the same place can also have its challenges. One of these is how to keep people connected and bonding as a healthy team should.

When you have a virtual office, everyone can’t exactly spontaneously gather in the breakroom for cake to celebrate an employee’s birthday. And what about the office Christmas party?

Those office parties aren’t just a reason to take a break from the workday, they hold real value for employee team building, employee retention, and making an environment an enjoyable place to work.

Companies with engaged employees earn 2.5x more revenue than their competitors with low employee engagement.

How do you make your virtual office party more special than just another Zoom call for work? Here are several ideas for virtual office parties that are unique and can keep your team connected when everyone is working from different locations.

Send a Virtual Office Party Care Package

You can add a tangible element to your virtual office party by mailing care packages to your employees to be opened on the occasion. Send a box with a company t-shirt, jacket or other logo item, and include things like party horns, snacks, and general fun stuff that everyone can enjoy together.

Using virtual office services, you can even get help mailing packages off if needed. 

Everyone opening their party package together makes for a special and memorable moment that can kick off a virtual celebration on the right note.

Have a Virtual Talent Contest

Just about everyone has special talents that their coworkers may not know about. One may play guitar; another may be a master juggler.

You can liven up a holiday party and make it more than just another Zoom, by hosting a virtual talent contest and have everyone show off some hidden talent they have. Create fun virtual stickers to use on your messaging platform, like “Grooviest Talent” and give one to everyone so they can feel special.

Send Office Party Food via Door Dash 

One of the great things about real office parties for many people is the party food. From cocktail weenies to crab cakes to little pastries, the food often makes the party.

You can surprise your employees by having party food delivered to their homes just in time for your virtual office party.

Coordinate with a local restaurant and Door Dash or another delivery service to send your employees great food that will definitely make the occasion special.

Virtual Escape Room

You may not be able to do those team building exercises in person, but that doesn’t mean a virtual office has to hold you back from bonding over some brain teasers.

Because of the transition the workforce has gone through during the pandemic, escape rooms are now opening up for virtual experiences. You and your team can make your way together through virtual puzzles, making for an awesome virtual office party.

Here are some of the virtual escape rooms you can check out:

Virtual Cookie Baking, Painting, etc.

There’s a good chance that someone in your company makes a mean Christmas cookie, has a talent for acrylic painting, or something else. Plan a virtual office party that includes a fun virtual teaching event, such as one of your employees walking everyone through cookie baking or painting.

This gives your team a chance to seem their coworkers in a whole new light. You could even have each person teach something they love at subsequent virtual office party, giving everyone a chance to share a special talent with the team.

Visit a Museum Together…Virtually

Another fun way to make a virtual office party special is to all experience a new place together. There are tons of virtual museum tours that you and your team can explore.

See places like The Louvre in Paris, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the Natural History Museum in London. You can find a list of several virtual museum tours here.

Looking for something a little more “out there” for your unique and eclectic team? You can check out this page for links to virtual tours of fun and whacky museums such as:

  • Original Star Trek Set Tour
  • The Neon Museum in Las Vegas
  • The International Spy Museum
  • The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia 

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Written by : Matt Rodela

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