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One of the challenges when looking for virtual office space is that you’ll often run into “one-size-fits-all” approaches. Where you’ll have one option that gives you multiple services (mail, office, receptionist). But what if you don’t need all that?

People choosing virtual office plans are typically looking to optimize their business operations. They want to keep things cost efficient, which means getting exactly what they need and not paying for what they don’t.

Flexibility is important when it comes to being cost efficient. For example, if you’re choosing a cloud software, you don’t want to have to pay for only the most expensive plan, you want options that will allow you to choose just the features you need.

At Tysons Office Suites, we believe you should have a choice when choosing virtual office plans, so they can fit your needs exactly.

Choosing Virtual Office Plans: What Does My Virtual Office Space Look Like?

Every business is unique, which is why their needs for virtual office space are as well.

Does your business get several calls a day? Do you simply need to have an address so you’re not using your home address for your business? Are you looking for meeting room rental options?

Here are a few scenarios and how our flexible plans can fit each need.

I Don’t Want to Use My Home Address for My Business Mail

Sally began selling her artwork on Etsy, and now her business has really taken off. But when a fan that was visiting her town showed up at her door to say hello, she realized she needed some distance between her home and business. She needed a virtual address she could use when shipping orders.

For Sally, our virtual mailbox plan is perfect. She can keep her home address private for security and get a professional address to use with her business. If she gets any returns or fan mail, they’ll come to the virtual office address, where she can choose to have it sent to her or pick it up when she likes.

I Need Help Answering Business Calls During the Day

Jim owns a contracting business and is using a virtual office so he can have a professional business address and help with mail handling. But he also is often out on a job and not able to answer his phone, so those calls go to voicemail and he may not get back to them until that evening or the next day.

This is costing him work, because in some cases by the time he calls back, the person has already contacted someone else.

He doesn’t get enough of those calls a day to warrant hiring a full-time employee. Instead he can add a virtual receptionist onto his virtual address plan and get the help he needs for a fraction of the cost.

Our plan with virtual receptionist, address, and mail handling services helps busy professionals with a live person that answers their business line and can take messages for them and send them in real time.

So, if Jim gets a text that someone needs a quote, he knows it’s an important call he needs to return right away.

Having a virtual receptionist not only allows you to focus on your work during the day instead of answering the phone, it also adds a level of professionalism to your company.

I Want to Work Virtually, But I Need to Meet with Clients Regularly

Susan and Jill have an architectural business and have found that the costs of having a physical office are eating away at their profits. They also don’t like having to commute nearly 30 minutes each way per day, when that time could be better spent.

The average travel time to and from work each day in the U.S. is 53.2 minutes.

They’ve started to each work from home more, so they don’t have to make that drive to the office daily and are finding that they mainly use their office to meet with clients. But they’re paying a premium just for that capability.

For this business, our Pro package that includes business address, mail handling, live receptionist, and limited access to meeting rooms is the perfect solution.

Instead of paying to rent a full-time office space, utilities, internet, and commuting costs, a virtual office plan with access to professional meeting room rental is much more affordable. It offers the best of both worlds – being able to work virtually, while still having an office address you can give people to meet with you when needed.

Choose Your Perfect Virtual Office Setup  

Whether you simply need a professional address, want help answering your business line, or you’ve got meetings to accommodate, Tysons Office Suites offers flexible and affordable virtual office plans to fit every need.

Contact us today to sign up for a virtual office plan of your choice.

Call 703-288-4001 or request a quote online.

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