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When you’re running a small business or have your own freelancing company that you’re trying to build up, it’s not uncommon to be working from your home and having business calls come to your cell phone.

In the early days of a business this may be fine, but once you start getting more leads and clients, not having a professional voice to your company in the form of a receptionist can start holding you back.

Often, how a call is answered is the first impression that people have with your business and if that experience is less than professional, it can color a caller’s entire opinion of your company before you even get a chance to tell them about your products or services.

80% of customers say the experience they have with a company is just as important as the company’s products or services.

One way that small businesses get past this barrier is to use a virtual office that has virtual receptionist services. It allows them to have a live person, other than them, answer their business line. And virtual receptionist pricing is affordable for many people that run their business from home.

How Do You Get a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is really just a live person answering your business phone that doesn’t happen to be located at your office.

When you rent a virtual office service that gives you a business address and mail handling services, you have the ability to add on a virtual receptionist.

You’re assigned a business line to give out, and when callers call that number, your line is answered promptly by a real person, not an answering machine. A message is taken for you and sent to you right away so you can choose when to call the person back.

Why Use a Virtual Office with Virtual Receptionist?

Why use virtual receptionist services rather than just having clients and potential customers call your cell phone or home line? Here are several of the advantages that this service can provide to your business.

1) Callers Speak to a Real Person

The top reason that people dislike calling companies is the inability to speak to a live human right away. People get frustrated when put into company directories with “press 1” prompts, not knowing when or if they’ll actually reach a live person.

When you have a virtual receptionist, there is a live person answering your phone line right away when people call and reassuring them that their message is received and will be passed on to the appropriate person promptly.

2) Virtual Receptionist Pricing is Less Than Hiring a Receptionist

If you were to hire someone to answer your business line, that would involve employee costs, plus you would need to ensure they had enough work to keep them busy in between calls.

Virtual receptionist pricing is cost-efficient and much less than hiring your own employee. You only pay one flat rate for your virtual office and receptionist so you can easily budget your company expenses each month.

3) Makes Your Business Sound More Professional

There are a few different reasons that having people call your cell phone as your business line is problematic:

  • They don’t always receive a professional greeting and may get “Hello?” instead of “Thank you for calling XYZ company, how may I assist you today?”
  • Larger clients may see your business as too small for them to work with if you’re the one always answering the phone and there are no other employees.
  • People won’t always be able to get ahold of you if you’re on another call and may call a competitor.
  • You get interrupted at all hours, which can put a strain on your family.

A virtual receptionist will answer your phone line professionally and also gives the impression of your company being larger than it may be.

4. Keeps You from Having to Be Your Own Receptionist

As your business begins to grow and you get more customers, trying to be your own receptionist can keep you from getting important work done. You can get constant interruptions and voicemails left that you have to stop to listen to just to see if you need to call someone back immediately.

When you use a virtual office receptionist, you get the freedom of focusing on your work and receive real-time messages when you get calls, which allow you to immediately calculate whether or not the call is urgent or can wait a while to be returned.

5. No Worrying About Vacation or Sick Days

If you’ve hired a receptionist as an employee, you have to work around vacation and sick days, which can leave you without phone coverage when you need it.

Virtual offices have a team of friendly and professional receptionists that provide coverage for each other, so you never have to worry about your phone being answered.

Get You Own Business Address and Virtual Receptionist Today!

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